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The current leading song of the year has come from the most unlikely of sources.

 Jae Cash's Akakumutima the song that was released earlier this year features Kekero the Anajaila hitmaker and was supposedly produced by the latter himself has quickly transformed into what could possibly be the biggest hit of the year 2017.

The success of the song has been propelled by the release of Jae Cash's debut album entitled Giovani which was released on June 1st of 2017 and is available for purchase countrywide.

Akakumutima has surpassed Zambian music critics expectations due to the fact that love songs are usually received with mixed feelings among the Zambian Populace and how far a song goes usually remains at the mercy of the Music Fans.

 The streets have been buzzing with the catchy hook and the indigenous Zambian flavored beat all the way from up market Night Clubs, Pubs and Chill Spots to House parties and weddings.

This raises the question, Do we have biggest song of 2017 on our hands?

However, this is not Jae Cash’s first hit to blaze up the airwaves, He has been on hit songs such as ‘I love you’ that featured Assa and ‘Pressure Pa Pressure’ featuring Macky2.

Much can be said on Jae Cash’s musical future, will he ever come back with another hit with the same impact as ‘Akakumutima’ or will he emerge as the king of 2017 and end there.

         By @indimba



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