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After nearly 4 years since the release of his third studio album, Macky2 is rumored to have another album on way we can now reveal.  

Macky 2 also known as King Buga teased fans on his social media web page recently about the possibility of him releasing his fourth studio album during the course of the year 2017.

Zambia like the rest of the world has bared witness to the advancement and evolution of music as an established industry. The musical atmosphere in the country is not like what it used to be in the years gone by  because the industry has seen substantial growth especially the Hip Hop sector that has witnessed tremendous progress in the production, releasing and promotion of music.

Albums releasing, an honor previously reserved to the most established of artist has now become more popular than ever in the country as a great deal of artist are now readily indulging themselves in the quest of releasing their own albums.

Over the past year popular and well established artists ranging from the likes of the XYZ supremo, Slap Dee, Kopala's Chef 187, Jay Rox, Dope G to  Tiye P and Jay Cash have all released their own albums and it seems like the Kopala Swag C.E.O  has been provoked to release his own entitled ‘ Ghetto President’.

Apart from revealing the title of the album, Macky2 still leaves the Zambian masses in suspense on what really is coming to them.  Are we to expect an album from Macky 2 packed with the Dunka Sounds that we so love? perhaps filled with songs similar to hits like 'favour' and 'low low'?, which arguably have had a great impact on the music scene or will we receive a classic hip hop album from Macky 2 as we have heard him on songs like ‘Product of my environment’ which was on Chef 187’s Amnesia album.

Macky2 does not usually play far from his hip hop roots as we all know, all remains a mystery though as we impatiently await.

                                                                                    . By @indimba



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