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Not so long after publicly coming to peace with the ruling government Pilato is back into the political spectrum of the country.

Over the past few years President Edgar Lungu and Pilato have had a stormy relationship between themselves, this was due to the musician’s public criticism of the ruling government and their decisions in his music, the songs would prove to be too controversial that they got the musician thrown behind bars. Asides that Pilato was also on the opposing side of the Patriotic Front in the 2016 August election in which the President was re-elected. If you recall back to the year of 2016, Pilato and Patriotic front came to peace at the Mulungushi Conference Center in Lusaka this was after Pilato’s Public apology to the president and the ruling government.

 Just as we thought things between the musician and the president had made a turn for the better Pilato had an ocean of words for President concerning the rumored news that the national TV broadcaster is being sold to a private Chinese syndicate on loan. The Zambian musician took to Facebook to voice out his disdain over this matter, in a lengthy post of about 600 words he tackled a number of issues which made it clear he was evidently against the decision of the government to sell the National Broadcaster. Within the same post the musician urged the President to re-consider this decision.



I have just read a very heart breaking news story and if its true then something is really wrong with us as a people.


This is very wrong. This must be stopped. We have a responsibility to defend our pride and identity as a people. Over time the media has been used as tool to conquer minds and ideologies across the globe. The media is not just a tool it's a weapon that must not be surrendered easily to aliens. ZNBC may not be meeting the standards that may please the general populace of Zambia but giving it to a foreign firm is a betrayal that may disadvantage us now and many years to come.

The greatest empires we have known today were not built by monies nor by guns but by identity protection and pride. China is what it is today because the CHINESE people led by Chairman Mao said no to foreign teachings and influences. Chairman Mao went into extremes in making sure that the chinese were not exposed to foreign cultures that could undermine their own. Information was tailored just to counter the foreign influences which led to what is called the RED BOOK today.

In Russia Vladimir Lenin, in his bid to propagate his communistic agenda ran an underground newspaper which was distributed on the streets of Russia. This helped to prepare and fashioned the Russian public for a huge shift in readiness for communist ideas.

When the authorities of Athens realized that Socrates' teachings were alien to the local people, the wisest man was put in prison.

I can go on citing examples of where extreme measures were taken just to protect cultures and identities. Today Zambia is flooded with foreign media product which has led to culture confusion. The consumers of Nigerian movies have adopted Nigerian ways of dressing, accents and house designs. Those that watch too much South African programs also have gone the same route, they dress and talk like south Africans. They feel great when they are mistaken for south Africans. Again i can go on and on pointing at these examples. While Zambians know these foreign cultures, the Zambian cultures are still stuck in our villages. The influx of foreign media products on our TVs has negatively affected how we look at our own local products. We are losing ourselves bane.

Go to South Africa and see how many foreign programs they show on their TVs. Go to Europe and see what's on their TVs. Today South Africa is pushing for SABC NEWS to be the BBC of Africa not for fashion but for cultural and economical reasons. South Africa is setting itself up to conquer Africa and what are we doing..... We surrendering the tools of power to foreign hands. ZNBC is a tool we can use to preserve our own values and cultures as a people so if we lose it we will get lost in time. If a foreign commercial entity holds more shares in an institution like ZNBC then it shouldn't even called a public institution.

Do we have Zambians somewhere with some deep love for this country beyond political affiliations? 
As a supporter for President Lungu, i wish to submit here that, your Excellency this move to will cost us more as a people and it will reduce the prospects of us becoming a greater country and it undermines our own sovereignty. If there's a way this can be changed please my President consider doing something about it.



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