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After recently releasing his End of Year Cypher, DJ Mzenga man’s year is not quiet over.

The Lusaka based Producer recently released his annual end of year cypher featuring various artist, from up and coming rappers like Gun Heart and Benzee to established big names such as Slap Dee. In spite the cypher having many of Zambia’s hottest rappers, the cypher did not fare well amongst many social media users who took to social media to share the frustration and disdain towards the long awaited cypher which they had deemed to be not a hit cypher.

DJ Mzenga Man however, also took to social media to share his thought on People trashing his cypher in a lengthy and sentimental post on his Facebook account the Lusaka DJ had a lot to say to his haters.

Facebook status

"Allow me to adress a few issues:

For years now, i always avoid talking about this especialy in response to a few ungrateful individuals, but in any case i will say it.

Firstly, by now you must understand that there are certain things that no one can do about in this industry.

1. In a cypher where there is Bobby East and Slapdee you will Not find Chef and Macky 2 in it. I am not any ones reporter to start explaining reasons. But just know that even if i desire to have them all on one song its practicaly impossible. It will only happen when and only if they decide it on there on. 
As DJ Mzenga Man, my efforts are limited only to a certain extent. There are some boaders i cant cross. So those who feel i have dissapointed them then so be it, its your concern and its blank because you have no idea on whats realy on the ground and you No nothing about what i pass through in order to bring you the extraordinary collables/records for years now. So i will leave it that way.
I will continue making records for my Fans alone.

2. People cry and complain saying upcomers are not played on radio stations and that they are not given an opportunity by big guys in the industry, funny enough, the same people where busy throwing shade and yapping after seing some upcomers given an opportunity to be on my cypher. Well, Its my duty sometimes and once in a while to give an opportunity to upcomers so that they can appear in my big projects. If you as an upcomer dint get the chance just start working hard both financialy and talent-wise in order to get hold of such opportunities next time. Hating, sulking or disrespecting will not help you in any ways. 
Its no ones fault if all you do is sleep and sit thinking opportunities will come on a silver plate.

Lastly. Thanks a lot to my fans and real supporters. You guys are the best.

Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

Enjoy responsibly".


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