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In case you were wondering who Nice M is, Nice M is an Alpha Entertainment affiliated artist and also a Ndola based artist who was responsible for what could have been possibly the biggest hit song of 2011 ‘Nganaponena’ featuring Chef 187 and PilAto.

The Ndola based artist was recently arrested in the city of Ndola and after being found with stolen property for many unsuspecting Alpha Entertainment Artists and affiliate people. It was reported that while the artist was recording at the illustrious studio, he managed to gain information on the whereabouts and movements of many alpha entertainment artist and affiliated people. After which he started robing them one after the other and later on selling the property to other unsuspecting Ndola citizens. Artist like Dice and Vic-Dollar were Reported as one of the many victims, it was further more reported that Nice M’s act was revealed and caught by the means of Facebook in the ‘AMA SAMPO GROUP NDOLA’ were a particular user was reported to have been buying property such as Flat TV screens, X Box 360, laptops and many other things from

Nice M and selling them in the Facebook group. After being apprehended and beat up by the police officer Nice allegedly confessed to have been responsible for all the crimes.

After spending a few days in jail it was reported and evidently  revealed that ‘Nganaponena’ singer was charged with theft and imprisoned to 6 years in prison with hard labor of which 5 years will be spent in imprison and 1 year of community service.



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