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After a relatively quiet year and a Mixtape Macky2 comes back with a new Banger called ‘forgive them’ to silence all the critiques.

If you may recall it’s been quite some time since we heard a Macky2 classic such as ‘Lolo Lolo, Google and Mammy Niuze ’. Although in September Macky2 released a number of song which were from his mix tape ‘Chikubabe Season’, the mix tape was undoubtedly a good mix tape and had a number of good songs, songs such as ‘Power’, ‘Proud Cadre’, ‘Thinking of you’ to mention a few, all are good songs but none of them have ignited the impact of songs such as ‘Google’ and ‘Lolo Lolo.

However, ’Forgive them’ is a breath of fresh air the ‘T-Rux’ produced song is like none we have heard from Macky2. In the song the self-Proclaimed Dopiest Freshest Name in the game can be heard talking about how He Slays everything he does and why he is the Biggest artist in the game.

Download Link--> http://www.indimba.com/song_listen.php?id=2000



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