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The Chingola based Artist was reported to have been arrested at the Zambia/Congo boarder on Sunday 30th October. Although the incident took place in the early hours of the day Shady Starface was reported to have been in Chililabombwe on the 29th of October for a show at the Rugby Sports Club.

According to information made available by Congolese boarder police patrol Shady Starface was chased all the way from Congo up to the Zambia/Congo boarder where he was arrested. Furthermore, he was reported to have been allegedly involved with a Congolese gang called the "Grands garcons" who allegedly deal with cocaine and guns.

Shady Starface is currently being detained by Zambian police on the grounds of possession of an unregistered 9millimeter pistol with 2 empty magazines and 7 live bullets loaded.

The “ShitaNweko” singer is rumored to be awaiting Trial and sentencing.


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