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B1 has become the latest victim in online fraud we can now reveal. The ‘Perfecto’ hit maker is reported to have been a victim of a cunning con artist in an online fraud case where a fake account in his name was created and was used to swindle unsuspecting social media users out of their hard earned money.

Apparently there is an online scum that is running on social media where people are creating fake celebrity musician accounts and are obtaining money from unsuspecting people pretending to the real musicians.

The singer reported that he was confronted by an unknown victim who posted that singer had stolen money from them saying that they had paid about k500 to the fake B1 account. B1 has denied all accusations stating that he does not run any sort of promo were funs or people send money to him.

B1 is not the first person in the music industry to be involved in an online fraud concerning fake accounts obtaining money from unsuspecting people as this has happened a number of times.


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